Q Scout

  Q Scout is an entry-level robot for beginners. It is highly interactive and scalable. The robot itself integrates rich interactive modules, such as ultrasonic sensors with built-in RGB lights, line follower sensors, and built-in buzzer, on-board RGB LEDs. The children program Q-scout by robobloq APP based on Scratch3.0. The Q Scout is based on Robobloq platform which has a rich range of expansion parts like beams, plates, sensors. The Q Scouts are also perfectly compatible with Qoopers.

Playing mode :

a)Remote control: Manually control the robot’s movement and light efficiency.

b) Obstacle avoidance: intelligent detection of obstacles, will automatically stop before hitting obstacles.

c) Line-tracking mode: Use a black tape from the product to attach a circular path to the ground. Place the robot’s line sensor on the black line, then click the switch in the upper right corner to start the line mode.

d) Music mode: do re mi fa so la ti to play music. Which robot is supported? Six robots are all supported.

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